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Accessible en alternance Business Intelligence & Analytics 100 % en anglais

Msc BIA Groupe ESC Clermont

« Data is the new oil »

This Master of Science aims at training Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals who will provide decision support to managers and enable them to benefit from a transverse consolidated view of their data, not only to understand what happened in the past, but also to better anticipate the future, through an efficient collaboration between the different business areas and information systems of the company.


• Answer to the current demand of the digital trend on Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Mix of theory, practice and external conferences from professional references
• Usage of market-leader softwares through projects in agile method


• Knowledge of the concepts, methods and tools of Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Identification of business opportunities through data analysis and business requirements
• Efficient (lean) and flexible (agile) way of working between Business and Information Systems

Accessible en alternance Control, Audit & Corporate Finance 100 % en anglais

« The right approach in the world of finance »

In a risky business environment, the role of internal control and audit has been reinforced these last years. Students need to be prepared for this new environment: in this context, the first aim of the MSc in CACF is to provide them with a modern and effective approach of the tools needed in the world of finance. After completing the CACF programme, students will be able to conduct an audit mission in a company, perform a financial analysis of a business and assess the risk of an activity in order to improve its performance and efficiency.


• Putting the theory to practice through real time audit mission performed in a company
• Online resources and workbooks made available to support Fraud examination course through the ACFE partnership
• Culturally and academically diverse student groups


• Use of financial information to make decision
• Identification of corporate risks and fraud issues and ways to manage and to fight against them
• Knowledge of tools for management control and internal control and applications for financial modeling (ERP, Excel VBA)

Accessible en alternance International Commerce & Digital Marketing 100 % en anglais

« Global vision & local awareness »

In the commercial world of the 21st century the skill set that is expected from a professional is much more diverse than it was just a few decades ago. Parallel to embracing globalization, managers need to be aware of local market characteristics more than ever and should also possess of the skills and knowledge to access these markets with digital means. The ICDM program not only offers students a unique combination of skills and knowledge in marketing and sales, digital and social media and international commerce but also opportunities to pursue professional projects at various companies, ranging from local to multinational.


• Putting the theory to practice through real world commercial and digital marketing missions
• Designed in collaboration with local and international partner companies
• Opportunity to build an international network of students and professionals from different sectors and cultural backgrounds


• Mastery of digital tools (e.g. webpage design, Google Analytics, SEO, creating social networks presence and managing online communities…)
• An understanding of global economic and commercial trends as well as local business practices
• Strong competencies in building marketing strategy and the use of marketing tools and sales techniques

Accessible en alternance Project Management 100 % en anglais

MSc PM Groupe ESC Clermont

« Become effective project leaders »

The MSc in Project Management is designed for students who wish to enlarge their knowledge, skills and potential as highly effective project leaders. While preparing the PMI certification(official qualification in project management), the students will have the  opportunity to increase their competitive advantage by developing real-life projects supervised by managers, and to develop highly required skills in a wide range of sectors.


• Real life project tutored by project managers and PMI members
• Introduction to comparative approaches to Project Management
• Free annual PMI membership (French Chapter)


• Knowledge of the management concepts, methods and tools to plan, steer and control projects
• Integration of business sustainability, agility and digital tools as new paradigms in projects
• Efficiency to match the economic and social demands of the stakeholders

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