Charlene FANGET - MSc. ICDM - Promotion 2017
MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing

Product Manager Assistant - SANOFI | from France

I decided to apply for the MSc. in International Commerce and Digital Marketing to improve my skills in Marketing and Commerce while studying in an international environment.

I also chose this program as it would enable me to gain theoretical and professional skills in the same time.

It is also very interesting as the most of our teachers are, in fact, professionals who come to teach us how it works in their everyday life jobs, which makes the content of the courses more interesting and interactive.

I am currently working as a Product Manager Assistant in a worldwide Pharmaceutical company, where I care for improving and developing new supports, in synergy with Regulatory and Medical areas, for the commercial team.

Thanks to ESC Clermont I will have a combination of Scientific & Marketing skills that will be useful for my professional evolution.