Thomas RUIGROK - Promotion 2015
MSc. in Corporate Finance

Key Account Finance Manager - Nike | from Netherlands

Upon the completion of my bachelors in economics, I decided that I wanted to further my studies in the field of finance. In particular, I was looking for a program with a syllabus that touched upon all areas of finance and offered an international study environment.
The MSc CACF offered all of this and more. Lectures were given by professionals who had vast experiences in the area they were teaching, allowing them to give interesting insights into the topic and offer advice to students who were interested in pursuing a career in that area. In addition, a month of intensive French at the beginning of the program and lessons throughout the two semesters helped the class pick up the language and better integrate with the French culture.

I believe it is because of this program I was able to secure an internship as a Financial Analyst at the European headquarters of Nike in the Netherlands. During my Internship I applied aspects of what I learned quickly and effectively and ultimately add value to my team. As a result, I was offered a full-time position.