Tuguldur DAVAADORJ - Promotion 2017
MSc. Corporate Finance

Transformation Project Manager | from Mongolia

Strengthened by its past MSc Control, Audit & Corporate Finance, ESC Clermont seduced me immediately with its major advantages:

  • A committed faculty, composed of known and recognized professors and experts from the field
  • Class rich in ideas, cultures, experiences and an environment favorable to the intellectual curiosity
  • Academic courses, corporate missions and individual interviews combining theoretical and operational aspects make the MSc Control, Audit & Corporate Finance a complete program, faithful to the concept of «Think global, act local».

Challenge successfully met! After one year of study and 6 months of successful internship at Société Générale retail banking, I signed a two-year VIE contract to work in one of the Société Générale CIB fixed income desks based in New York.
I leave with great excitement, but little stress thanks to my solid ESC Clermont background!