Equal Opportunities

The purpose of our ‘Social Expansion’ measure is to detect, as early as possible, talented and deserving youths and to accompany them from secondary school to the job market with the help of our partners.

At each stage of our students’ education, we encourage them to pursue and achieve excellence. The talented youths interested by this measure can participate from the first year of higher secondary education, but also at each following stage of the higher education programme upon validation by our ‘Equal Opportunities’ commission.

This measure focuses on identifying and developing the talents of its members based on the values of the School (resourcefulness, responsibility, creativity and innovation) in order to encourage further education through our programmes. For us, the word ‘talent’ is synonymous with a disposition, a skill, a natural or acquired ability in a given field or activity.

To be accepted onto the scheme requires the following:

  • Motivation
  • Academic criteria
  • Community Involvement
  • Entrepreneurial spirit


Entrance through existing schemes:

cordees_reussiteThese are partnerships set up between one or several higher education establishments (graduate management schools, universities), on the one hand, post-secondary schools and secondary schools and colleges on the other, the objective of each being to promote equal opportunities and the successful transition of young people to higher education, and notably to highly specialised fields.

  • On a safe and accompanied track

The purpose of this project is to stimulate young people by offering them the prospect of a secure and local academic career, through a two-year university course of their choice (among those offered by our partners). Once this second-level qualification has been attained, the youths involved in the scheme since secondary school can incorporate the third year of the Bachelor degree course, then further their studies with the Programme Grande Ecole. This career path is accompanied by mentoring with professionals, members of the Passport Avenir network.

passeport_avenirIts purpose: Accompany youths with disadvantaged backgrounds in their higher education, through to graduation from a graduate management school or university with one-to-one professional tutoring, in an effort to shape alternative leaders.

  • Through the so-called ‘classic’ channel, entrance exams


Pursuing further studies in a graduate management school represents a significant investment. Students in financial difficulty or facing unforeseen events can make a request for financial assistance with ‘Student Services’ and obtain, on condition, a partial reduction in tuition fees. Applications are examined on a case-by-case basis by the ‘Equal Opportunities’ commission.

Other measures allow students to ensure partial cover of tuition fees:

  • International mobility grants
  • Apprenticeship (12 or 24 months)
  • Mentoring (Aid for accessing services in accordance with educational constraints i.e.: mentors assigned to each year
  • Student jobs with the support of our partner businesses
  • Partial exemption from tuition fees
  • Excellence-based scholarships (Auchan,…)

The commission can therefore spread its total budget between the applicants in various forms: excellence-based scholarships, exceptional loans, remunerated missions within the university, …