Student Life

The ESC highly recommends active participation in associations and helps students to do so by providing working areas on the school premises, equipment, coaching, tutoring, etc.; these associations play an essential part of campus life and help develop human, personal and professional qualities. Some important student associations at ESC:


BDE – Bureau Des Elèves :

The Students’ Union. This is the main students’ representation organization which coordinates the activities of all the other associations. In addition, the BDE represents the student body as a whole. Elections are held every year. All full-time students can participate. The President remains in office for one year. The Students’ Union fee (cost given at the beginning of the year) should be paid directly to the students’ union office.


Cultural association:

The job of this team of students is to facilitate the integration of international students both on campus and in the city of Clermont. The Students who form this association play a very important role in international student life. They welcome international students at the local train-station or airport they help them to get settled in their accommodation, open a bank account and help them to understand administrative documents. They also organize outings and events. You can contact them before your arrival


Junior Enterprise (SEGMA):

This association is a student-run consulting company, carrying out market studies and surveys for businesses. The Clermont Junior Enterprise is part of the national federation or junior enterprises and it has a successful history of over 30 years’ activity winning numerous prizes.


Humanitarian Association:

Students are actively involved in a wide range of humanitarian activities including helping children in hospitals organizing clown entertainment, fund collections and donations for the needy, etc


Other associations:

A number of other associations cover a wide range of activities from sports, sailing, wine-tasting and learning about food and international cuisine to running a campus radio.