Pedagogical Innovation and Applied Research

Pedagogical innovation is embedded in the DNA of the Grandes Ecoles and today is a key strategic issue in the context of the digitalisation of business practices and of society as a whole.

With the help of its Foundation, the School wishes to acquire new resources to “make its revolution happen” by incorporating 360° vision digital technology and modernising the teaching tools.

Interacting with the programmes, labs and areas of excellence in the region, the Foundation supports studies and research which economic players and businesses find invaluable.

Our ambition and desire is to make the Groupe ESC Clermont shine out amongst the best AACSB accredited Business Schools.


Do you believe that the value of Groupe ESC Clermont graduates is linked to the School’s capacity to cultivate the wealth of teaching techniques and innovate both in terms of the content taught and the learning methods?

Through your own professional experience, you understand how valuable teachers’ expertise is in enlightening company directors and executives and opening your doors to fields of study and “useful” research.

By contributing to this academic area:

  • You will be directly involved in upgrading our teaching tools
  • You will accelerate the School’s publications, a crucial aspect of global competition in our market
  • You will be associated with the work and actions contributing to the development of our region (innovative ways of building programmes and pathways with businesses, projects conducted by student-teacher teams on behalf of public authorities, businesses and economic players, etc.)
  • You will be funding predoctoral fellowships for Masters’ students wishing to do a thesis in management science

Ultimately, the success of the Groupe ESC Clermont in terms of innovative pedagogy improves the general quality of the training programmes, the qualifications and the School as a whole. It really does serve all of its stakeholders.