ESC Clermont BS and Strate École de Design Renew their Partnership

In 2020, ESC Clermont Business School and Strate École de Design launched a joint MSc – ‘Master of Science Strategy and Design for the Anthropocene’, the world’s first program aimed at educating future managers in ecological redirection through the lens of design, using the Anthropocene as a starting point. Given the students’ enthusiasm and the multiple challenges facing businesses, the two schools renewed their partnership on February 15.

A Unique and Forward-thinking Program

Launched in October 2020, the MSc – Master of Science Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene is inspired by the work of three ESC Clermont BS teacher-researchers (Alexandre Monnin, program manager, Diego Landivar, and Emmanuel Bonnet), who are also members of ‘Origens Medialab’ which is part of the Closing Worlds initiative. This initiative focuses on consolidating a new concept: ecological redirection, and emphasizes two main ideas:

  • The first gives focus on the insufficiency of Sustainable Development, CSR, and Energy Transition paradigms, which no longer suffice to address the new ecological and climate situation, characterized by unprecedented acceleration and criticality of problems,
  • The second argues that the critical state of the climate requires urgent alignment of organizations and companies with planetary boundaries.

This program, which is jointly offered by the ESC Clermont BS and Strate École de Design is certified by the French Graduate Schools of Management consortium; ‘Conférence des Grandes Écoles’ and is taught on Strat’s Lyon campus over a period of 12 to 14 months.

A Renewal Affirming the Need for Training in Ecological Redirection

Through this new agreement, ESC Clermont Business School and Strate École de Design confirm the success and importance of this type of program in ecological redirection. Since the inception of the MSc, 60 students from diverse backgrounds have been trained. Some came from design schools, engineering, management, political science, others were practicing executives or scientists, all eager to implement new models. With the tools acquired during this both theoretical and practical training, students act within their organizations to implement ecological redirection strategies.

Through this program, students can contribute to creating a local IPCC and a local Climate Alliance, help territories democratically determine a model for their future, design and implement democratic protocols of relinquishment for a city of 150,000 inhabitants, investigate the cessation of new construction in the Île-de-France region, streamline company supply chains, work on digital sobriety, rethink economic models and industrial sectors, mobility models, rethink work itself in the Anthropocene perspective, reflect on the low-tech economic model, etc.

This training will provide the knowledge, technical tools, and protocols to all redirectionists wishing to support companies, territories, and communities in their future decisions.

Alexandre Monnin MSc Program Manager
Master of Science
Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene
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An Award-winning Student for the Quality of Her Thesis

The award for the best Master/MSc thesis by the National Digital Council (CNNum) went to Léa Mosesso, a student from the “Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene” MSc program, class of 2021-2022, for her thesis “Living with an Obsolete Smartphone.”

This work, combining social sciences and design, was recognized among 87 theses from 15 disciplines and originating from 44 universities or schools spread across 11 French regions.

Vivre avec un smartphone obsolète - Lea Mosesso

Ecological Redirection at the Heart of ESC Clermont BS

To highlight the importance of these topics within the school, four scientific events are being organized during the spring term 2024.

  • January 11 and 12, 2024: 7th Creative and Critical Methods and Approaches to Learning and Management Training Days, a research group affiliated with AIMS – International Association of Strategic Management.
  • April 3, 2024: Workshop “Upgrading Sustainability in Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance Enabling the Transition to a More Sustainable Economy.”
  • April 9, 2024: NIBES Workshop “Managing Organisations Under Planetary Limits.”
  • June 19, 20, and 21, 2024: Conference “Anthropocene and Organization.”

Did you know?

Training future managers in the challenges of ecological redirection is fully in line with ESC Clermont Business School’s strategic plan ‘REVEAL 2022-2027’, which aims to have a positive impact on its territory and society and to leverage its research on sustainable management for high-performing and responsible organizations.

On a daily basis, our business school strives to educate enlightened citizens, responsible managers, aware of the social and moral consequences of their actions. This promise unfolds in all dimensions of our institution, from education to research, but also through our proactive policy on diversity, inclusion, and equality.

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