ESC Clermont BS Enters the Online Education Market

ESC Clermont Business School is expanding its training offer and will soon introduce an online Master Grande Ecole (MGE) program, scheduled to commence in November 2024. This innovative, French-taught program will be taught entirely in online to make it accessible worldwide. Our aim with this initiative is to train young professionals, particularly from French-speaking Africa, empowering them with high-quality education tailored to their needs.

Thanks to the launch of this 100% online program, ESC Clermont Business School now enters the online education market. Accessible upon obtaining a bachelor’s degree +3 or equivalent, the online MGE will be enriched with a strong entrepreneurial component and will be accessible via a dedicated platform. It will offer synchronous and asynchronous sessions, coaching, and remote tutoring through a dedicated communication tool, thus enabling exchange sessions with the community throughout the journey.

In the long run, our Online MGE will expand to offer a broader array of specializations, including multiple majors. Additionally, we envision further expansion of our online offerings, encompassing bachelor’s degrees and MSc programs.

The online program aims to provide individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to enhance their credentials through a flexible online training program that accommodates their busy schedules. Our expert faculty delivers top-tier Management School content tailored for distance learners, while ensuring personalized support every step of the way.

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Our MGE Online program will offer students flagship teachings such as general modules (Business Communication, qualitative methods…), courses in Marketing and Negotiation, Strategy and International Development, Finance and Management Control, Management and Human Resources, as well as modules dedicated to professional integration and entrepreneurship with the specialization module: “Startup Culture and Entrepreneurship”.

ESC Clermont Business School aims to offer an immersive experience to MGE Online students, ranging from theory to practice. Thus, for each module, the courses will be divided into several stages: presentation introduction of the course and learning objectives, courses in the form of videos of maximum 5 minutes, sharing of theoretical content, anchoring exercises, case studies, module validation tests, and synchronous corrections or in the form of shared videos and/or documents.

Participants will be expected to invest personally from 10 to 15 hours weekly. Finally, to validate their curriculum, students will have to complete a 3-month internship in M1 and a 6-month internship in M2.

Did you know?

ESC Clermont Business School provides MGE Online students with a holistic and enriching experience akin to that of on-campus programs. To achieve this, we will host a virtual integration day, fostering connections, facilitating exchanges, and cultivating a sense of community among learners, regardless of their physical location.

This integration day serves to forge bonds between students, introduce available resources, and provide support as they embark on their academic journey, fostering a sense of belonging from the outset.

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