Introducing a New Work-Study MSc Program for Fall 2024

In line with the ambitious goals set forth in the ESC Clermont ‘REVEAL 2022-2027’ strategic plan, we are excited to announce the launch of a new MSc in Management and Management of Innovative Projects, which will be offered in a work-study format and taught in English, for the start of the 2024-2025 academic year.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, project management and agile methodologies have emerged as fundamental skills sought after by recruiters across diverse industries. Given the multifaceted challenges confronting organizations, the ability to navigate complex projects and deliver value has become imperative.

This one-year MSc program targets students and recent graduates holding a Master 1, BBA, or Master 2 degree, irrespective of their initial area of specialization, who aspire to cultivate operational project management competencies and embrace Agile and Lean Management approaches.

Delivered entirely in English, the curriculum will empower participants to grasp various concepts, methodologies, and tools pertinent to project management, aligned with the requirements of stakeholders from local, national, and international spheres. Students will engage with concrete projects spanning three key domains: CSR and new mobilities, Data and IS, as well as sport and sports events. The program will cover:

  • Strategic and business aspects to discern project objectives,
  • Technical facets of project management encompassing budgeting, scheduling, project scope, quality, and associated risks,
  • Leadership and managerial skills, emphasizing communication, negotiation, and facilitation.

Drawing from the standard methodology outlined by the Project Management Institute, the program will also spotlight “Lean” and agile dimensions for project delivery, including methodologies like Scrum, along with preparation for relevant certifications.

Etienne.D _ Relations Entreprises

This initiative caters to companies of all sizes aiming to actualize intrapreneurial projects or explore new offerings by providing them the opportunity to hire a student at master’s level within the framework of a work-study program.

Étienne Duboisset Etienne Duboisset Manager of
Business Relations and CareerLab
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In collaboration with APTIM, this program paves the way for the Professional Certification ‘Manager of National and International Projects of Organizations’ at level 7, registered under the ‘RNCP 34350 France Compétences-16-12-2019’ official French qualifications recognition.

Work-Study / Professionalization / Personalized support / Insertion

The MSc in Management and Management of Innovative Projects is accessible via the work-study track through either one of the official types of contract available in France for this type of program ; an ‘apprenticeship’ contract or a ‘professionalization’ contract. Following the

eligibility phase, students will receive guidance from the School’s CareerLab, offering personalized coaching, interview preparation, and access to partner-company opportunities. The company assignment must align with the training’s level and content.

The work-study track rhythm (1 week in class / 2 or 3 weeks in the company) will provide students with a more strategic perspective of their organization and regular progression in their company duties.

Upon completion of the MSc in Management and Management of Innovative Projects, graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of project management concepts and tools, along with proficiency in innovative methods crucial for entrepreneurial project development. They will be well-equipped to pursue roles such as business project manager, project engineer, scrum master, project coordinator engineer, consultant, and more.

Did you know?

ESC Clermont BS’s training ethos places the business world at its core, permeating all aspects of our curriculum.

Through close collaboration between the Business Relations teams and the CareerLab unit, ESC Clermont BS nurtures close ties with over 600 companies, facilitating various forms of engagement ranging from internships and alternances to employee recruitment and pedagogical involvement in training program co-construction.

Indeed, the ongoing engagement of industry professionals in our expert committees enables us to fine-tune our programs and equip our students with the skills needed to meet current and future corporate demands!

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