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In the dynamic landscape of business education, our school is deeply committed to the fusion of academic teachings, individual ambitions, and real-world opportunities—essential for cultivating future leaders. At the forefront of this integration, we recognize the imperative of aligning our programs with the ever-evolving demands of the professional realm.

We have forged a symbiotic relationship with our network of partner companies, understanding that the teachings imparted within our campus must resonate with the practicalities of the business world. Facilitating this alignment is our dedicated Business Relations service, a guiding force that not only directs students towards meaningful employment but also cultivates strong partnerships with hundreds of local and national enterprises.

Our engagement extends beyond traditional academic realms, embracing involvement in expert committees, fostering student recruitment through apprenticeships, and delving into real-world case studies. These collaborative efforts create a tapestry of privileged relationships with nearly 700 partner companies, offering our students unparalleled opportunities for both learning and professional development. ESC Clermont Business School, with its rich educational history, has evolved alongside our students, and uses fine-tuning methods to support their progress and ensure seamless integration into the dynamic business landscape.

A standout attribute of our institution lies in our role as a crucial intermediary, bridging the aspirations of our students with the requirements of companies. We actively facilitate the convergence of promising talents with exciting career prospects. To gain deeper insight into ESC Clermont Business School’s prowess in connecting education with the professional world, we interviewed Étienne Duboisset, the Head of the Business Relations/ CareerLab service at our institution.


The Business Relations/CareerLab service, currently composed of a team of 10 people, pursues two major objectives. Firstly, it aims to provide our students with in-depth knowledge of themselves and the market, thus promoting successful professional integration. Secondly, the service strives to meet the needs and expectations of its extensive network of partner companies by matching the recruitment needs of companies with the profiles and skills of our students.

In pursuit of these ambitious objectives, our service is strategically organized into two distinct units. The first unit, CareerLab, is exclusively focused on students and their individual profiles. The second unit is dedicated to companies and is comprised of several business managers well-versed in maintaining enduring relationships with our partner companies, possessing an in-depth understanding of the specificities within their sectors.

These two entities operate together, creating a virtuous circle where the interplay between the needs of companies and the aspirations of students takes center stage.


Central to our success is a commitment to effective communication. We prioritize fostering numerous interactions with our students, aiming to truly understand them, unearth their talents, and collaboratively construct a professional trajectory that aligns with their unique personalities and values. In tandem, our role extends to diligently preparing them for success in various recruitment phases, be it securing an internship, an apprenticeship, or their inaugural job. This preparatory journey is facilitated through our “Make Sense” workshops and personalized guidance.

Another pivotal aspect of our mission involves cultivating the professional culture of our students. We endeavor to acquaint them with the intricacies of the business world while dispelling certain stereotypes. To achieve this, we regularly orchestrate meetings between students and companies. This proactive approach not only forges connections with less familiar sectors but also inspires a sense of vocation in some, breaking down barriers and broadening horizons.


Absolutely, once again, communication takes center stage in our strategy. Our dedicated business managers maintain continuous connections with our partner companies, working to comprehend their needs and establish numerous connections between the academic and professional realms.

Our primary objective is to integrate our students within our extensive network of 700 partner companies, all while collaboratively determining the best company and/or position suited to our students. Leveraging our expertise and fostering ongoing exchanges between our two units, we select profiles capable of integrating and proficiently executing assigned missions, particularly in the context of apprenticeships.

Statistics consistently reveal a remarkable success rate, with 90-95 percent of new students securing work-study contracts. This outstanding achievement not only highlights the effectiveness of our support but also underscores the exceptional quality of our network.


For companies, the advantages in terms of timesaving are undeniable. We meticulously select excellent profiles, providing our partners with the assurance of receiving committed students. These students, when not in the company, engage in high-quality courses that align with current challenges and market needs. Our partners actively participate in expert committees at ESC Clermont Business School, shaping programs and teachings to reflect real-world demands.

Students, on the other hand, benefit significantly from comprehensive support throughout their journey, especially when they opt for a work-study program or apprenticeship. Presently, we have 930 apprentices at the school, and our pedagogical objective is to ensure they glean genuine insights from their experiences. We tailor proposed missions adapted to their level, ensuring they receive ample support from both their School and company-appointed tutors.


In 2023, we introduced a new role within our service – the “Coordinator of Professional Experiences.” The purpose? To ensure a high-quality experience for both our students and partner companies. This individual is tasked with several key responsibilities including the coordination of approximately 80 tutors. The main objective is to optimize the utilization of 7,000 hours of individualized support conducted each year. Additionally, our coordinator serves as a mediator when necessary, fostering effective communication between students and their host companies.

Our unwavering goal remains constant: to provide a personalized, human-centric service and uphold an atmosphere of trust, benefiting both our students and partner companies alike!


The early part of the year holds the promise of exciting developments and events. January heralds the commencement of our Apprenticeship campaign, during which we encourage candidates who are keen on pursuing both their studies and starting their career, to register for our entrance exam.

For students already enrolled in the school, several noteworthy events are on the horizon. The next stage of the “Les Négociales” negotiation contest is scheduled for early February. Concurrently, preparations are in full swing for our flagship event of the year—the “Forum Entreprises” (Business Forum), which will take place on March 19. Preceding this, a plethora of activities is lined up, including company visits (including trips to the new headquarters of Crédit Agricole Centre France and the headquarters of Limagrain), a CareerDay, “Make Sense” workshops, and exclusive recruitment sessions organized in collaboration with select partners.

Etienne.D _ Relations Entreprises

The main thing to remember is that we offer not just one, but two comprehensive services! A dedicated service for our students and an equally crucial service for companies. Our mission is to construct robust bridges connecting the school with the dynamic reality of the market, cultivating emerging professionals aligned with their values and equipped with a nuanced understanding of the professional landscape.

Etienne Duboisset Étienne Duboisset Head of the
Business Relations/CareerLab service
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Did you know?

Every year, we orchestrate numerous key events designed to provide students with the chance to engage with professionals, explore diverse sectors, and seize exciting opportunities. Simultaneously, these events serve as platforms for professionals to identify future talents and bolster their employer brand!

From CareerDay and workshops to competitions and business cases, the Workshops of the CareerLab, coupled with events organized by the Business Relations service, offer partner companies the unique opportunity to connect with their future collaborators “in real life.” This includes engaging in interview simulations and participating in focused “Job” workshops.

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