Alay YARADANQULIYEV - Promotion 2019
MSc. in Business Intelligence & Analytics


I decided to study in France because it’s one of the largest national economies in Europe with a strong corporate sector that is adapting the digitization trend rapidly and that factor motivated and inspired me to relocate here temporary in order to pursue my studies specifically in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics at ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management.

Considering school’s big reputation, I realized that ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management was the best option for exploring and learning analytics, software tools and information systems.

The team-based, real-life case studies and topics throughout the whole program allow for critical knowledge application within the team. This is a great practice to develop teamwork skills, which will be useful for my future career.

The provision of workshops, conferences and lectures by inviting experts from reputable companies such as Credit  Agricole, CGI, Microstrategy, Michelin and others is also one of the distinctive superiority of  BIA masters program at ESC Clermont.