Florence ABENDANON - Promotion 2016
MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing


I decided to apply for this Programme as I was very interested in the broad range of subjects that would be taught, as well as the range of career options available after following such a course. The fact that this course also involved an internship was a big bonus for me  – as this would be an ideal opportunity to work in a company in France, in a business development role.  

My experience of this MSc. has been a very positive one – the range of subjects taught and their content has been extremely interesting, and I really like the way that all the classes have been very practical and relating to working a business environment. There was a good mix of students from many different cultures. I appreciated that French classes were integrated into the course. I was also impressed that we had the opportunity to gain professional work experience before applying for our internships – I found this really valuable and insightful, and useful when looking for internships afterwards.