Mahmood ALI - Promotion 2019


Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I found the program and the school quite fulfilling of and exceeding my requirements. We started with Marketing Fundamentals, which gave an academic and deeper understanding of what I did as a job or trained for before. Then, we moved to Project Management, the core module, and I was amazed by the very practical way of teaching. We were learning by doing, and our assessment was on how well we can apply what we have learnt in real professional life.

In the school, our teachers would be professionals so you do not need to worry about the link between academia and practical application. If you have worked before you would understand how rare it is to have the chance for an in-depth discussion with a production department manager for example, in our school I had a factory managers’ coach as a professor and a coach.

Then of course, here is administrative support. I chose the school from the beginning over another, just because of the apparent support and friendliness of the international office. When I arrived I was reassured that I made the right decision, as the program manager along with the international office would willingly support the students in all situations.

To wrap up; you learn from highly experienced professionals, your school is very well connected to industries and the administration would always solve any issues you lay encounter. Did I mention you would also have an incubator for your possible startup and individual counselling for our job search? Yes, that as well.