Omar Abouhafs - Promotion 2017
Master in Management


My name is Omar Abouhafs. I am 22 years old, from Casablanca, Morocco. Last year, I joined the Master in Management ‘Programme Grand Ecole’ at ESC Clermont to obtain a dual-degree through the partnership established between ESC Clermont and ENCG Settat, my home institution. After finishing my Bachelor’s in Auditing and Control, I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree to reinforce my knowledge in the area of Management Control and build my managerial skills. I am currently doing an internship in Valeo for 6 months as a Management Control Assistant.

Why did you choose ESC Clermont?

I have learned about ESC Clermont through ENCG Settat and the university had nominated me to join the business school in France.

The progression of the school in business school rankings, the international accreditations held, and the reputations it is known for were the factors that helped me decide to choose ESC Clermont. The quality of life of the city of Clermont-Ferrand has also met my expectations, as a small yet very active and compact city.


What did you learn throughout the Master in Management ‘PGE’ programme?

The course selection is diverse and interesting—especially in my specialization of Management control, during these courses we were able to rely on concrete real-world examples that allowed us to make the link with the theoretical courses. We consolidated the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to link between operations and the top management, and make the necessary recommendations to control processes and reformulate the strategy. Classroom discussions were always dynamic, refreshing, and offer unique perspectives on economic issues.

We have also gained experience about analysing real-life business data using the latest analytical tools as VBA and excel.


What are your responsibilities in the internship?

  • Calculate the daily, weekly and monthly indicators as income, stocks, scraps ratio, and direct labour efficiency.
  • Assist in the monthly reviews of financial information.
  • Contribute to the control of financial reporting.
  • Analyse and follow-up of the Law of Financial Security.
  • Work on daily ratios of income, stocks.


How did you find your internship?

Thanks to one of the career days organised at ESC Clermont, many company representatives were present to allow the students to learn about the companies. Valeo was among those companies. After presenting myself, background and experiences to the HR representative on-site in the school, along with giving them my resume, they had contacted me after a week to organise an individual recruitment session and interview. I received a positive reply from the company’s side after another week.


What are you going to do after your internship?

The invaluable experience I have gained on during my internship in Valeo, combined with the knowledge and exposure during my study period at ESC Clermont will permit me to realise my career goal and secure a job placement in a multinational company in France.


What have you learnt during your internship?

The internship has been a unique opportunity for me to gain practical experience in a multinational enterprise and apply the knowledge learned in the classroom. Performing Management Control role inside the factory, that is located in Issoire, has allowed me to observe the operations and processes.

Besides the accumulated experience, I have become more professional and confident both personally and professionally. The internship has also honed my interpersonal skills and allowed me to learn to face stress and meet deadlines. In addition, I have explored various important analytical tools as SAP and Excel, and acquired the methodology of using those tools to analyse the data and information, and develop recommendations.