Rajkumaar N RAJAN - Promotion 2018
MSc. in Project Management

Engineer and Marketing & Communications Assistant - SIFOEE

I chose the M.Sc. in Project Management programme to have some specialized learning and involvement close by. I joined with the goal of exploring as many management ideas and concepts as I could and what took after was an astonishing knowledge in anextensively multicultural environment which showed me wide ideas from all perspectives.

Team work with classmates from various nations, lectures from professors with hands-on experience in Project management and different subjects in those corresponding fields made the journey a true experience rather than just another study curriculum.

Presently I work for Marketing and communications at Sifoee Innovations Lyon, France where I care for worldwide BtoB promoting for a specialized technical platform. I execute my technical experience and management knowledge gained from the MSc. program and at this organization, I see the outcomes.ESC Clermont made me a Techno-Managerial Person.

Dreams ahead, miles to go and glad about the great beginning now.