[Hashtag Startup Challenge]
From an Extractive to Regenerative Economy

The Hashtag Startup Challenge took place on February 8th and 9th! This year, our students were tasked by CEC Massif Central and FrenchTech Clermont Auvergne with envisioning solutions to make the transition from an extractive economy to a regenerative one irresistible by 2030!

A “Real-world” Educational Experience

The Hashtag Startup Challenge is an educational opportunity available to all students enrolled in the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” minor of the Grande École master’s program.

Over the course of two days, participants have the chance to:

  • Dive into the methodologies unique to startups,
  • Conceptualize innovative solutions addressing CSR issues,
  • Collaborate in teams and actively engage in their own learning journey.

In collaboration with French Tech Clermont Auvergne and generously sponsored by CEC Massif Central, this year’s challenge centered around the overarching theme: “How can we ensure the transition from an extractive economy to a regenerative one by 2030?”

Examples of sub-issues proposed to students include:

  • Streamlining the integration of sustainable mobility practices within companies.
  • Enhancing waste sorting practices beyond households (such as at concerts, in public transportation, at cinemas, in fast food establishments, on streets, etc.).

And the winners are…

1st prize: in da HUB
Congratulations to Flora VERNEY, Naoufal TAOURIRT, Laura SANCHEZ, Lise RASTEL, Duane Noella MAJIENGNE TCHINDA, Darelle Lucrece BOWONG, Omar BEN MILED.
2nd prize: RoolCool
Congratulations to Baptiste COLOMAS, Romain DENIS, Mohammed LAHMIDI, Rishi MANIVANNAN, Lucas RENARD, Lena SOZEDDE, Adrien ZAJACZKOWSKI.
3rd prize: Locavore
Congratulations to Aymene BELMZOUKIA, Alban CLERMONT, Jules JAUBERT, Mohamed, Imane REHAIL, Abderrahmane TALEB, Louis THUEL.

Detailed Information

1st prize: in da HUB

“In da HUB” is a gamified mobile application designed for festivalgoers in groups. Its aim is to incorporate eco-friendly behaviors into the customer experience by enabling users to distinguish themselves from other friend groups through their exemplary actions.

“The more effort you make, the more points you score.”

  • Carpooling with Blablacar? 10 points scored.
  • A deposit returned via the Raboule application? 5 points gained.
  • A bottle recycled in a cliiink collector? An additional 15 points in the kitty.

All festival-goers who accumulate more than 50 points become eligible for a draw, granting them the opportunity to meet their favorite artists and forge unforgettable memories. However, there’s a catch: they must first remember their evening when they wake up!


Roolcool is a “private inter-company park-and-ride service.” While the term may seem complicated, the concept is straightforward: it aims to provide practical solutions for employees to cover the last miles of their commute to work, ensuring it’s 100% carbon neutral.

To realize this objective, Roolcool offers companies a monthly subscription, granting employees access to a park-and-ride facility and the option to reserve sustainable modes of transportation to complete their journey. Whether it’s a shared shuttle or a self-service bike, the choices are abundant—all they needed was accessibility!


Locavore gathers “ugly” fruits and vegetables directly from producers to distribute them via anti-waste baskets within its distribution network.

With a firm belief in self-service as the future mode of fruit and vegetable consumption, the team intends to invest in autonomous basket dispensers placed in city centers. Customers simply need to pick up their basket whenever convenient, ensuring they not only collect but also consume the vegetables promptly—after all, that’s where the true value lies.

Special thanks to the Massif Central Climate Companies Convention, our partner French Tech Clermont Auvergne, and the esteemed jury members: Robin JUND, Lionel FAUCHER, Fabien MARLIN, and Pierre GÉRARD.

And finally, thanks to all the participants of this edition and to the coaches present to accompany them: Adrien BOUGEROL, Adrien SANCHEZ, Anne TICHIT, Cédric KHAYAT, Céline FRANÇON, Emmanuelle PERONE, Hacène HABBAS TURQUI, Jean-François DELDON, Lara CHABOSSON, Léo CHABANIS, Hugo BERNERD, Lionel MATHAT, Louis-Paul MALGA, Marc GONNET, Myriam CHAMBON, Raphaël POUGHON, Renaud BIEMANS, Richard MANZOLI, Romain SISO, Sandrine DU CHOUCHET, Valérie BEYSSADE.

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