Marc Gonnet, Community Builder and Generative AI Pioneer

Since last May, Marc Gonnet has been enriching our academic environment. After a long and exciting career at Michelin, Marc wished to conclude it with a new mission focused on mentoring: a skills sponsorship. For several months now, he has been sharing his passion for innovation and community engagement with us.

An engineering graduate from Supaero, Marc, passionate about aeronautical robotics and Machine Learning, joined Michelin in 1985. Throughout a career marked by diverse experiences in France, Japan, and Canada, he successfully completed several major missions, all driven by his insatiable thirst for innovation.

Over the past 20 years, he has led innovative software development projects, contributing to raising vehicle safety standards and implementing cutting-edge tools aimed at reducing operational costs and improving the overall performance of the Group. Marc has also been involved in the development of revolutionary prototypes and innovative business models. Finally, his strategic vision and his role as a “facilitator” were expressed in the launch and animation of the “Movin’On” community, the world’s first global ecosystem for strategic anticipation and co-innovation in favor of sustainable mobility.

As part of Michelin’s “Skills Sponsorship” program, Marc joined ESC Clermont BS in May 2023, where he applies his knowledge to the following missions related to the world of innovation:

  • Establishing and animating a community of mentors within the Open Incubator SquareLab.
  • Disseminating Generative AI in the practices of ESC Clermont BS staff and teachers.
  • Building and animating a community of mentors

Aware of the importance of mentoring in the journey of incubates, Fabrice Cailloux, Head of the ESC SquareLab incubator, hopes to strengthen the unit’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and build close network of experts, volunteers, and enthusiasts providing voluntary assistance to project holders at various stages of their journey and reflection. In this context, Marc’s main mission is to generate a dynamic hub of exchange and collaboration between mentors and incubates.

We have formed a community of invested and active mentors! The key to success: cross-fertilization between mentors and incubates!

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Facing the Challenge of Generative AI

Arnaud Gorgeon, Deputy Director for Pedagogical Innovation, aims to thoroughly evaluate the impact of Generative AI within our institution. With Marc’s support, an audit was conducted with a dual objective:

  • Understand the perception of staff and teachers towards this innovative tool.
  • Collect their specific expectations and needs.

The results of this audit revealed a range of reactions, from enthusiasm to concern or discomfort. To support the adoption of this new technology, introductory sessions and “Discovery” workshops were offered to all ESC BS staff and teachers. These interventions allowed everyone to understand how Generative AI (particularly Chat GPT) works and to have the necessary knowledge to make informed use of it.

Using the audit results as a basis, Marc and Arnaud established an action plan that will last for several months. This plan, aimed at maximizing the benefits of Generative AI while ensuring controlled and strategic use of this revolutionary technology, will focus on six key themes:

  • Productivity Gain
  • Skills Development
  • Talent Development
  • Pedagogical Support
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Development of methods fostering innovation

ESC Clermont BS, through Marc and Arnaud, is currently exchanging with the prestigious Wharton School in Pennsylvania, specifically with Ethan Mollick, a renowned researcher in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, and more recently artificial intelligence. Together, they are exploring how to integrate generative artificial intelligence into various areas such as productivity optimization, change management, AI skills development, soft skills improvement, and innovation. This pioneering initiative in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region represents a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront in a field that is becoming essential in the business and education world!

Did you know?

The ‘Mouvement des Entreprises de France, Puy-de-Dôme and ESC Clermont Business School” will be co-organizing a themed evening titled “Artificial Intelligence, A Lever for Growth and Performance for your Company?” On this occasion, Marc Gonnet will take the floor to introduce the discussions among the numerous guest and experts of the field.

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