Permanent & Affiliated Professors: A Team at the Service of Pedagogy

With the arrival of 11 permanent teacher-researchers since September 2020 and 5 recruitments planned for the beginning of the next school year, at the ESC Clermont BS, we continue to develop our faculty and consolidate our research policy. We also rely on a large pool of affiliated professors, ready to share their expertise with passion and commitment with the aim of offering a varied educational experience, anchored on the reality of business.

Affiliated Professors for Teaching, and…

Thanks to our relationships with numerous experts working in organizations of all sizes (large groups, SMEs, but also very small companies, associations, or the public sector, we can count on a large network of affiliated professors to complete and enrich the teaching provided in our various programmes, both in initial and continuing education. Teaching, pedagogical engineering, coordination of modules, tutoring or participation in admission or Final Oral Exam juries, the missions entrusted to these experts contribute to the smooth running of the school and our excellent reputation.

Qualified Teachers with Proven Expertise

Selected for their expertise, our lecturers take pleasure in presenting their company, their profession, their sector of activity and combine theory with practice by drawing on their varied professional experience. Thus, Sylvain Cubizolles, also a an ESC Clermont graduate, shares his experience of merchandising and team management as a Network Leader at Décathlon with our Bachelor and Master Grande Ecole students. Cédric Mahieu, General Manager of B&M offers a course on purchasing. Nzénzé Jeanne Mangin, Business Segment Manager at Michelin Inflatable Solutions, will speak to the master’s students in the Business Development Major next fall.

Nearly 50 Affiliated Professors Intervene for More Than 100 Hours Per Year

At ESC Clermont Business School, our affiliated professors constitute a pool of more than 450 external experts, among whom about 50 intervene more than 100 hours per year to teach or coordinate one or more course modules.

Although each year there is a natural turnover of professors for professional reasons or personal aspirations, some of our affiliated professors have been involved with the School for many years, for example, Christophe Combaudon, a consultant in his own company, who has been involved in strategy courses for over 15 years.

A Faculty Open to the International Scene

We are aware of the important role played by the affiliated professors our students’ academic career, as well as in their professional orientation, and we select national and international profiles to join our affiliated teaching staff, such as Karin Mikluha, who, after an international career (Finland, Switzerland, USA), joined the School as an affiliated professor in September 2020. In addition, we occasionally welcome visiting professors within the framework of partnership agreements with foreign universities, for a cultural immersion experience.

ESC Clermont Business School Pedagogy

To ensure a coherent pedagogical experience, we now invite our affiliated professors to participate in digital tool training modules. The School’s Pedagogical Innovation Department, headed by Arnaud Gorgeon, also offers pedagogical workshops throughout the year, open to both permanent and affiliated professors.

Each session addresses a theme related to learning: student motivation and commitment, assessment methods, learning and neuroscience, etc. Regularly meeting during dedicated exchange times, at the beginning and end of the academic year, but also as the year progresses, our affiliated professors are an integral part of the life of the School.

Did You Know?

Our business school is recognized at the highest level for our Bachelor and Master programmes and will receive over 2,000 students in 2023. We have a faculty of fifty permanent professors and rely on a dense network of experts to provide the top grade teaching directly linked to the business world.

The three faculty departments (“Innovation & Development”, “Finance, Economics, Law, Systems” and “Humanities, Organisation & Management”), federate both permanent and affiliated professors who, through their daily work, contribute to the emergence of responsible leaders, committed explorers and inspiring entrepreneurs, ready to take up the challenges of companies in tomorrow’s global economy.

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