Renewal and Extension of ‘Grade and Visa’ Accreditations: CEFDG Gives Green Light

The Commission for the Evaluation of Management Training and Diplomas (CEFDG) has officially renewed and extended the official French Ministry ‘visa and grade’ accreditations for both ESC Clermont BS Bachelor and Master’s Degrees. This favorable decision encourages us to continue our mission: to train responsible leaders in the fields of sustainable management, commerce, digital marketing, and e-commerce, while maintaining high standards in education and innovation.

Renewal of the Bachelor’s Degree Grade Accreditation.

At the time of the creation of the Bachelor’s Degree ‘grade’ accreditation by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, only 15 Bachelor’s programs received this recognition. Our bachelor’s in digital communication and E-Commerce, which was set to open the following semester, was among the first programs to achieve this university grade equivalence, a remarkable result for a new program.

On February 7, 2024, the Commission for the Evaluation of Management Training and Diplomas (CEFDG) rendered a favorable decision regarding the renewal of the bachelor’s degree grade for the bachelor’s in digital communication and E-Business, for a duration of 3 years!

Extension of Visa and Master’s Degree Grade Accreditation for the Marrakech Campus

The CEFDG has granted approval for an extension of the Visa and master’s degree accreditation for the Master’s in Management Program offered at the ESC Clermont Marrakech Campus. This decision reflects the excellence of the academic programs of ESC Clermont Business School as well as the commitment to the quality of education provided within the institution.

As a reminder, ESC Clermont Business School will inaugurate a new 1,000 m² campus in Marrakech in April 2024, and a first class of students will begin in September.

Did you know?

With the consent of the CEFDG, the title of “Bachelor in Digital Communication and E-Commerce” is set to evolve. Starting next semester, it will be officially presented as “Bachelor in Digital Marketing and E-commerce Management.”

Strategic choices drive this evolution, which goes beyond mere surface changes and commits us to enhancing the content of our programs. In a market that is evolving towards maturity, the demand for technical skills is growing. Thus, it’s imperative that we adapt by providing cutting-edge training that meets the evolving expectations of both businesses and students.

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