Facilitating Financial Solutions for Indian Students:
ESC Clermont Business School and WeMakeScholars Partnership

Paving the way for a new era of accessibility and opportunity in higher education abroad for students from India. Imagine being a bright, ambitious student with dreams of pursuing higher education abroad, only to have those dreams and aspirations dimmed by financial barriers. For many Indian students, this scenario is all too familiar. However, a new collaboration between ESC Clermont Business School and WeMakeScholars (WMS) is set to change the game, offering a glimmer of hope and opportunity.

ESC Clermont Business School, with its century-long legacy of excellence, stands as a beacon of quality education. Accredited by esteemed institutions like AACSB, EPAS, AMBA, and CGE, it has been a destination for students seeking top-tier business education. On the other hand, WeMakeScholars is a dynamic force in the realm of study-abroad finance. Boasting a user community of over 30 lakhs and partnerships with leading financial institutions, WMS has been instrumental in expanding access to education financing in India.

The partnership between these two entities isn’t just about paperwork and signatures, it’s about changing lives. By bridging the gap between ambition and affordability, this collaboration promises to empower numerous Indian students to pursue their academic dreams with confidence and determination.

At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. WeMakeScholars, with its cutting-edge technology and dedicated financial officers, ensures that the financial application process is smooth and hassle-free for students. Meanwhile, ESC Clermont Business School goes the extra mile to integrate WeMakeScholars’ support into its admissions process, ensuring that financial assistance is readily available to those who need it most.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this partnership is its potential to transform the educational landscape in India. By reducing the risk of dropouts due to financial constraints, ESC Clermont Business School and WeMakeScholars are paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for Indian students. Financial barriers will no longer stand in the way of academic excellence, instead, they will serve as stepping stones to success.

As the memorandum of understanding between ESC Clermont Business School and WeMakeScholars comes into effect, it’s clear that a new chapter in Indian education is unfolding; one where opportunity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a student with big dreams or an observer rooting for positive change, this partnership is something to celebrate. After all, when education becomes accessible to all, the possibilities are endless.

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