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Studying at ESC Clermont Business School in France can open doors to a plethora of professional opportunities in France, Europe and even back in India

Meet Kedar Kuchekar, who completed his Master in Management in ESC Clermont, France while specializing in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics.

He enjoyed learning from industry experts who shared their experiences, making the program more enriching.

During his studies, he completed an internship at Michelin, one of the main strategic corporate partners of ESC Clermont, within the project management office (PMO). During his Master’s classes, he worked on a case study with Capgemini, where he made a lasting impression on one of the employees securing him a permanent employment in Capgemini’s Business Intelligence department.

Kedar plans to launch new e-commerce business in France while utilizing the valuable lessons he learned during his studies, internship and work experiences.

Kedar credits networking and proactivity for his success in securing internships and jobs. He advises students to reach out directly to HR and managers and to stay in touch with contacts they make during their studies. He also found that his language skills were helpful, but networking was more critical.

Overall, Kedar’s experience in France taught him the value of networking, proactivity, and enjoying a balanced life outside of work.

Meet Surya Chaurasia. Surya Chaurasia finished his MSc. in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics from ESC Clermont Business School.

He then secured an internship in Natixis, Paris after which he managed to find a permanent job placement within PUMA Group as an Analyst Global Go-To-Market Operations in their headquarters located in Germany. He attributes his success in securing the job to the practical knowledge and usage of data software he acquired during his Master’s program. His Microstrategy certification was especially helpful in landing the job as it involves BI tools and visuals. The international environment at the business school was also an added advantage as it prepared him to work with multicultural teams.

Surya’s lack of work experience was not a barrier as he was a fresh graduate pursuing his Master’s degree. However, he emphasizes the importance of polishing soft skills and learning the local language to succeed in the European job market.

Surya’s advice to polish soft skills and learn the local language is especially relevant for students aspiring to study and work abroad.

Pursuing higher education studies in France provides the gateway to work opportunities not only in the country itself but all over Europe. Overall, Surya’s journey is a reminder that with the right education, practical experience, and networking, students can build successful careers anywhere in the world.

Meet Sai Anuraag Thanniru who holds double master’s degrees in International Commerce & Digital Marketing from ESC Clermont and International Business from Nottingham Trent University, UK, the second was fully funded through double degree exchange programs.

He now works as a Country Manager for EM Strasbourg, a French business school in India, where he uses the knowledge and skills he gained in brand management, market research, and cross-cultural marketing during his studies. Sai recommends Indian students to consider the risk/reward ratio, tuition fees, cost of living, and work opportunities when choosing a study abroad program. He found France to be extremely rewarding, with great quality of life, education, and work opportunities. For him, it was like hitting a jackpot! During his previous internship in Paris, he worked on digital marketing campaigns and new product innovation, and eventually landed a full-time role as a product marketing manager for Central Test.

“Your network is your net worth”. That’s a belief that Sai has confident in. He had shot a  YouTube video about a coastal city in France, and the video was circulated among the locals until it reached the mayor’s office, he was later invited to the office and had the opportunity to join their international club. He emphasizes the importance of building a trusted network while studying abroad, as it can be helpful in both personal and professional life.

Meet Arunima Rao. She secured an elite scholarship (Charpak) sponsored by the French embassy in India.

She got selected for the exchange semester by her home institution IIM Jamu to integrate the Master in Management programme proposed by ESC Clermont Business School. she was one of only a few students selected for the Michelin Tour, a project that exposed her to the intricacies of business and public partnerships. Her story got covered in the local newspaper La Montagne.

After completing her studies in France, Arunima returned to India and immediately began working at CoinSwitch, a fast-growing startup in the intersection of web 3 and finance. Today, she is in charge of corporate communications and growth at the company and attributes much of her success to the skills and experiences she gained during her time in France.

Arunima’s advice to anyone considering studying abroad is to take the plunge, be strategic with networking, and look at every opportunity as a learning experience.

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