MSc. in Corporate Finance

Aymen TURKI | ESC Clermont Business School
Aymen TURKI, Head of MSc in Corporate Finance


The right approach in the world of Finance

In a highly volatile environment, financial managers and investment professionals have to be able to devise and apply the right policies in relation to investments, financing and wealth planning. Since students need to be prepared for a new economic environment.

Tthe first aim of this Master of Science is to provide them with expert knowledge about corporate finance, investment analysis, valuation and portfolio management, and to emphasize the highest ethical standards and applications for financial modeling.

After completing the curriculum, students will acquire investment management practices through the mastery of tools for financial analysis, asset classes, and portfolio management in order to be prepared for the industry’s top financial positions and passing leading certifications in finance.

Alternance possible pour les étudiants français.

MSc accrédité par la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles


  • Fresh graduates or graduates with little experience
  • Professionals with several years of experience


  • Full english taught
  • Partnership with the CFA Institute
  • Learning experience following the Harvard model of teaching
  • Access to high-profile practitioners from the corporate finance world in France


  • A 4-year Bachelor degree or Validated Master 1
  • Proficiency in English (Official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or TOEIC of 750, or IELTS 6.0)

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  • Semestre 1
    Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting

    • Fundamentals and Principles of Accounting
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Corporate Finance
    • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning
    • Quantitative Methods 1
    • Derivatives
    • Treasury Management
    • Serious Game : Portfolio Management Project
    • Fintech
    Management & Communication Skills

    • Introduction to Business
    • Mastering Data in Excel
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology I

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual counseling
    • Meeting with Practitioners
  • Semestre 2
    Investment and Tools for Corporate Finance

    • Quantitative Methods 2
    • Alternative Investment: Private Equity and Hedge Funds
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Risk Management
    • Economics
    • Fixed Income
    • Ethical and Professional Standards
    • ERP for Financial Management
    • Corporate Finance Law
    • Preparation for CFA Certification
    Management & Communication Skills

    • Strategic Management
    • Information Systems for Managers
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology II

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual counseling 
    • Meeting with practitioners (PMI)/conferences
  • Semestre 3

    Professional Mission & Thesis

    • Master’s Thesis
    • Oral Defense
    • Company Assessment


After one year of study and 6 months of successful internship at Société Générale, I signed a two-year VIE contract to work in one of the bank’s fixed income desks in New York.
ESC Clermont seduced me immediately with its major advantages: A committed faculty, composed of known and recognized professors and experts from the field; Class rich in ideas, cultures, experiences; An environment favorable to the intellectual curiosity and academic courses, corporate missions and individual monitoring.


Transformation Project Manager | from Mongolia