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Thinking About Starting your Own Business? – Start-Up Challenge 2023

The Hashtag Startup Challenge was back on January 5 and 6! More than 200 students from our Master Grande Ecole, “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” specialization competed in this year’s edition of the competition. Participants had 2 days to devise relevant solutions for 6 CSR issues proposed by our sponsor: Center France La Montagne Group.

The Key Theme: A Desirable Future for Local Media

This educational experience offered as part of the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” minor track, gave students the opportunity to experiment and put into practice specific startup practices and methods.

The 2-Day Challenge Included:

  • 3 conferences included “Design Your Value Proposition”, “3 Problem Solving tools” and “The art of PITCH”,
  • work sessions supervised by more than 30 coaches,
  • a pitch test in front of a jury of experts,
  • a testimony by the founders of CAPILLUM, both graduates of the school and former SquareLab. Open Incubator start-up ventures.

The challenge, designed to give students the opportunity to test and appropriate key entrepreneurship skills for themselves, was launched with 3 conferences led by Fabrice CAILLOUX – Director of the Open Incubator SquareLab and Raphael POUGHON – Director of La Compagnie Rotative, Head of Open Innovation & CSR Coordination of the Center France La Montagne group.

Participants, working in teams and mentored by around thirty coaches, were given a set time establish a diagnosis and develop an innovative solution in response to a CSR issue. Each team created a slide to demonstrate their proposals, followed by a one-minute pitch to convince a jury of experts.

The central theme of this year’s challenge: “A Desirable Future for Local Media” was created in partnership with French Tech Clermont Auvergne and with the Center France La Montagne group as its main sponsor.

Participation in this event gave our sponsors the opportunity to:

  • question those who will build the world of tomorrow,
  • bring a new perspective on the models to be “reinvented.”
  • feed on relevant ideas and to challenge current ideas and practices.
  • Paper Logs & Revaluation
  • White Zone & Digital Divide
  • NFT & Blockchain Local Media
  • Artificial Intelligence & Journalism
  • Editorial Independence & Social Networks
  • Transition & Participatory Media

The Winning Teams …

1st: API NEWS – For the theme “Transition & Participatory Media”
Congratulations to Hugo QUAINON, Justine DURAND, Maya DUVAL, Oussama CHIKHI, Ghita ED-DARI, Claudio HALLVA, Arianna FEUCHIO DJOUHAKA.
The students in this group won pairs of SONY in-ear headphones.

2nd: SOLUALGO – For the theme “Editorial Independence & Social Networks”
Congratulations to Fadlellah OULAAINE, Houcine OUALI, Asmae HAMDI, Coralie OSORIO, Bunyamin ONMAZ, Maureen THOMAZET, Taha BERROUISSI.
The students in this group won PICTURE hats and water bottles.

3rd: L’ESCAPADE – For the theme “White Zone & Digital Divide”
Congratulations to Julie VILLAIN, Aya AOURAGH, Lily ARZOUMANIAN, Dorian AULAGNE, Morgane VIANNENC, Mithunraj THANGAVELU, Arthur Levi TALLA DONKEP.
The students in this group won Fnac Darty vouchers.

We would like to thank our partners : Center France La Montagne Group, French Tech Clermont Auvergne and the members of the jury: Oliver BERNASSON, Géraldine MINGUET, Raphaël POUGHON, Adeline VITROLLES.

And finally, we would like to thank all the participants of this edition and to the coaches present to accompany them: Violaine BURTIN, Charlotte CARRENCOTTE, Sylvine CHEVALLEREAU, Arnaud COURDESSES, Grégoire CUSINBERCHE, Emma DE LAHARPE, Mandy DELEUSE, Delphine DI ROSA, Catherine DOS SANTOS , Léo DUSARPS, Marc EVANGELISTA, Thibault FERRAND, Guillaume FOURIER, Fabien GARRIGUE, Gilles GARY, Benjamin GATINIOL, Marine LANIRAY, Sophie MADEC, Lida MENDOZA, Charlotte MEULLE, Cédric MOTTE, Mélanie NEVEU, Christophe PEYSSON, Zoé PIALOUX, Cynthia ROUSSEAU, Céline RUFFIER, Quentin SANTENARD, Romain SISO, Anne TICHIT, Céline TROQUET, Marc-André VILETTE, Thibaut VUITTON.

Do you know ?

As a higher education institution, we intend to nurture new talents and train responsible managers and entrepreneurs, capable of placing people and the planet at the heart of their choices.

To raise awareness and sharpen the critical spirit of each student, we rely on immersive pedagogy and offer many educational events and workshops that mobilize collective intelligence and bring out individual and/or collective levers for action.

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