Various housing possibilities are available in Clermont-Ferrand:


  • Moversia

The Clermont Graduate School of Management works with a partner welcoming/housiung agency ‘MOVERSIA’ which was founded by a former student of the school. Moversia offers practical and personalized services to international students to help them to settle in Clermont by finding them suitable accommodation and helping them with all the paperwork, and various other practical matters (getting the electricity hooked up).. You can find more details about this ‘Welcome Package’ at :

The « Welcome Package » from Moversia:

This complete service covers 100% of your practical housing requirements. The Moversia Welcome package enables you to reassure your family that you will have suitable housing when you arrive.

  • Housing: Pre-arrival housing seach according to your wishes and housing availability on the local market. The follow-up of the housing search is communicated by email (photos sent by email).
  • Administrative Management : Moversia helps you with all the administrative requirements for housing (Electricity contract, Gaz contract, housing lease, housing insurance, CAF (ALS housing aid) & APL (application for French government housing aids)
  • A pick-up service at the station or airport (during working hours)
  • Opening a French bank account (totally necessary to obtain the CAF housing benefit, have access to the Internet, gaz, and electricity)
  • Practical support: Moversia helps you with daily advice (installing internet at home, getting a mobile phone…), helping you to get the best deal amongst the ones available. Personalized assistance with various problems, matters.

NB: The following website is free and advertises private apartments for rent


  •  Students looking for their own Accommodation

If you prefer to find a room or an apartment by yourself, you should plan to arrive at least several days before the beginning of term. It usually takes about a week to find an apartment. It may prove to be more difficult for someone who speaks very little French.

The international office can reserve temporary accommodation for you for the first few nights upon request. Please give specific details of your date and time of arrival and how many nights you wish to stay (1 night in a residence or hostel can cost around 25 euros per night depending on what is available – one – two star hotels are approximately 60 euros per night). Please note: The international office cannot help you with your permanent housing search, nor with administrative matters (gas, electricity contracts etc).