Responsible Communication: ESC Students took part in the ‘Reboot!’ Event

Over the past several years, the ESC Clermont BS has been integrating modules aimed to increase awareness of contemporary issues and develop critical thinking throughout its programs.  “Digital Marketing & Communication” students were given the opportunity to take part in the latest Reboot! event dedicated to responsible communication.

So, what is ‘Reboot’?

There is currently an urgent need to make way for more responsible communication. This event is specifically designed to awaken and raise awareness about social and environmental responsibility issues in communication studies. The main partners of Reboot! are ADEME, UNRIC, the Responsible Digital Institute and The Shift Project.

  • Conferences and debates will highlight the main topics and enable participants to appropriate the concepts of responsible communication.
  • A 3-day hackathon will give students the opportunity to put theory into practice. They will be work together in groups to create a multifunctional tool for communication, marketing, and digital responsibility, under a Creative Commons or Open-Source license.
  • Round tables and debates will cover the themes of sobriety and in particular digital sobriety or ecological redirection.

Hackathon: special mention for our students

Each group of students worked on a project to develop new responsible communication solutions and were coached by several professional experts from the field of digital communication.

Among the 230 projects were put forward by the 54 participating schools. A group of students from the ESC Clermont Business School (Léa GALLAND, Fanny MONTARNAL, Clément QUINTIN, Chloé RAMBERT and Julia SCHWAN) earned a special award in the Creativity category for their children’s book collection: Le Monde de Lou. (Lou’s World).

Did you know?

As an institution of higher education, we aim at nurturing new talents and training responsible managers and entrepreneurs, capable of placing people and the planet at the heart of their decision-making.

Our goal is to increase awareness and sharpen the critical spirit of each student via immersive pedagogy, regular educational events, and workshops to mobilize collective intelligence and initiate individual and/or collective levers for action.

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