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It’s ‘Kick-off Time’ For The "Feel Good Campus" Scheme

ESC Clermont BS is committed promoting a better world and to providing the ideal environment for students to reveal their true potential, build their personality and develop good practices.  As part of the Reveal 2027 Strategy, the school has launched the “Feel Good Campus” scheme to improve the well-being of its students and contribute to their academic and professional development.

The ESC Clermont BS: A School Committed to the Well-Being of its Students.

It’s a well-known fact that regular physical activity is essential to a person’s physical and mental health. Regular exercise contributes to the prevention of many diseases and plays a major role in overall well-being. ESC Clermont BS, has decided to make the well-being of its students one of its main priorities and is launching the “Feel Good Campus” scheme, in partnership with Collecty’form and in-line with its sporting values and the commitments made in the ‘REVEAL 2027’ strategic plan.

Together with the support of the Foundation, ESC Clermont BS, is fully committed to social openness and equal opportunities. The objective of the «Feel Good Campus” scheme, is to give as many people as possible free access to the school’s facilities and provide special areas for students to relax and exercise.

"Feel Good Campus": How Will it Work?

The scheme, led by 2 of the school’s teacher-researchers in the fields of economics and health economics, Daniela Borodak and Catherine Dos Santos, has 2 main objectives:

– To promote the importance of well-being within the school’s campus, via the organization of a range of events that will take place throughout the academic year.

– To propose sports workshops on campus, led by student ambassadors, trained in physical and mental activity methods.

The ESC Clermont BS ‘Feel-Good Campus’ scheme aims to mobilize the entire ESC Clermont BS ecosystem and ensure the well-being of the campus’s population: students, graduates, incubates, teachers, foundation…

Daniela Borodak and
Catherine Dos Santos
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Student ambassadors will use a special application to organize once or twice-weekly sessions adapted to the needs of their fellow students: work-out sessions (muscle awakening, mobility, stretching, muscle strengthening, cardio) as well as mental training workshops (breathing exercises, goal-setting, relaxation, energization) to help students with managing stress, self-motivation and goal definition.

Working Together with Graduates and Incubates

One of the School’s main priorities is to involve and promote its own talents by calling on ESC Alumni and incubates. The training of student ambassadors and the purchase of sports equipment was conducted by Collecty’Form, a company formerly incubated at SquareLab and specialized.

Launch Party with Influencers

The initial stage of the ” Feel Good Campus ” was launched on Tuesday 7th February and started with a conference based on the importance of well-being,  hosted by 2 personalities:

  • Big Will (__bigwill__), an agricultural engineer specialized in nutrition and a social media influencer, and former incubator of SquareLab Open Incubator and co-founder of A’caz (start-up of food products and ‘fun’ accessories to encourage people to cook healthily).
  • Mathieu Rodrigues (mathieu__rds), a graduate of the School, former SquareLab incubatee and co-founder of A’caz.

Did You Know?

The ” Feel Good Campus ” is just getting started and activities and events could be progressively extended to include all internal stakeholders (teachers-researchers, staff) so that well-being is recognized as a central element of the culture and vision of ESC Clermont BS.

Activities will eventually be offered during break times to help our students to maintain peak physical and mental form throughout the day to improve their concentration and academic performance.

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