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The Groupe ESC Clermont Sports Management Option, available as part of the Bachelor in International Management, is a sports-oriented programme that has been set up in partnership with ASM Clermont Auvergne (a local professional rugby team competing in the Top 14 league) and Clermont Foot 63 (a local professional football club competing in the 2nd division). It allows students, who are high-level athletes, or sport professionals or semi-professionals, to practice sport whilst enhancing their skills and credentials in marketing, organisational management, and accounting, as well as obtaining grounding in key strategic challenges facing the sports industry, including policy, governance and its economic environment and impact. Our Sports Management option helps Sportspeople to:

  • strike a balance between sport and academic performance, ultimately obtaining an undergraduate degree qualification (Bac+3) thanks to flexible personalized support;
  • create a special place for sport in their educational and training experience;
  • manage diverse career path opportunities available in the sports sector today or better anticipate post-sporting career activities


  • To acquire a sectoral specialization in connection with a sporting passion in order to develop deeper and more critical understanding of the sport industry from a marketing, managerial and digital perspective (notably via pertinent and tailor-made courses, cases studies and testimonials)
  • To obtain in 3 or 4 years a degree that is fully recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, which allows for the pursuit of either a professional career in sport or further studies at Master level.
  • To build and benefit from a solid network within the sports sector
  • To carry out internships in the sports sector in order to put into practice knowledge and skills
  • To reconcile sporting and academic performance thanks to versatile timetables adapted to athletes and buddy partnerships within a promotion to aid the transfer of course materials and prove beneficial in providing explanations and coaching if necessary.

Target audience

The Sports Management option is open to two different student profiles:

  • top athletes with a passion for sport, who can justify training regularly in a particular sport discipline in a competitive club environment, and who wish to continue their studies by enrolling in an undergraduate degree programme
  • professional or semi-professional sportspeople who have particular time constraints due to their training schedule, who therefore require flexibility in relation to class hours

The Sport Management option was first launched in June 2017, and is proving to be a very popular versatile option, offering expansive opportunities for a huge variety of careers. It is open to all sportspeople, regardless of the sport practiced. Sports so far represented on the Bachelor Programme include: rugby, football, pole vault, tennis, swimming, …


Students opting for the Sports Management option follow the standard Bachelor in International Management Programme, but benefit from particularly versatile personalized support, coaching and adapted schedules to stike the balance between sport training sessions and studies

  • Year 1: Sport Profile Course

    Fundamental knowledge: same as classic Bachelor in International Management Programme

    Discovering the world of “sport”

    • Sports economics
    • Sports management and intercultural aspects of sport

    Experiential and social knowledge and skills:

    • Social responsibility project: sport and disability
    • Creation of a sporting challenge

    First steps towards employment: internship to discover the world of sport and its challenges

    School life experience: investment in the School’s sports life

  • Year 2: Specialized Sports Management Course

    Fundamental knowledge: same as classic Bachelor in International Management Programme

    Deepening of the sport sector:


    • Marketing and sports management sector

    Experiential and social skills

    New business project (PNB): support for business creation in the sports sector

    Professional and sports project: Building a professional network in the sports sector

  • Year 3 : Classic or apprenticeship option

    To be defined according to a top athlete’s professional project. There is a choice between:

    Classic option:  with international course in France

    Apprenticeship option: sales and web marketing specialization applied to the sport industry

French and English or All in English courses

The complete programme can be found on the Bachelor in International Management page.

Year 2 onwards, international students will follow some sport-oriented courses that are delivered in French. International students will have access to French courses in Year 1 to allow them to bring their French up to speed and be able to follow the academic courses in French during Year

Entry requirements & How to Apply

French Students

Except for top or good Level athletes, the Sports Management option for the Bachelor in International Management Programme recruits via a competitive examination called Atout +3, which is part of a common examination bank involving 9 different French Business Schools, including GROUPE ESC CLERMONT.

For more information on the definition of the top or good level athlete status, please contact by email:

International Students

Academic and language admission requirements for International students:

  • High School Diploma
  • Proficiency in English (Official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or equivalent: IELTS (6,0), TOEFL IBT, Cambridge English, TOEIC (750))

Application procedure for international students:

  1. All applications should be submitted online on the School’s website via a dedicated page:
  2. Eligible candidates will be invited to an automated video interview aiming to evaluate their academic profile, motivation and linguistic skills.