MSc. in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Pierre ALSAC, Head of MSc. in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

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Become experts in global procurement

In a globalized and competitive world, purchasing and supply chain management are strategic assets for developing company performance.

This program enables students to acquire the concepts, methods and tools essential to becoming professionals in these fields, which offer numerous opportunities in all sectors of activity and whatever the size of the company.

Alternance possible pour les étudiants français.

MSc accrédité par la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Pour qui

  • Fresh graduates or graduates with little experience
  • Professionals with several years of experience

Les points forts

  • Full English taught
  • Education based on the standards developed by APICS
  • Teaching based on real cases with the contribution of expert professionals


  • A 4-year Bachelor degree or Validated Master 1
  • Proficiency in English (Official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or TOEIC of 750, or IELTS 6.0)

More, see « Admission »

  • Semestre 1
    Fundamentals of Purchasing and SCM

    • Introduction to Purchasing
    • International Purchasing Rules
    • Expression of Needs
    • Purchasing Costs
    • Negotiation Basics
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Essentials of SCM
    • Demand Planning and Forecasting
    • Essentials of Production Planning
    • Inventory Management Basics
    • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
    • Physical Distribution Basics
    • Meetings with Companies Practitioners
    • Tutorials
    • Sourcing Cases Presentation

    Management & Communication Skills

    • Introduction to Business
    • Mastering Data in Excel
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology I

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual Counseling
    • Meeting with Practitioners

  • Semestre 2
    Advanced program

    • Global Sourcing and Contracting (case of emerging countries)
    • Negotiation advanced
    • Purchasing per Sectors
    • Purchasing Costs and Risks
    • Business Cases and Professional Testimonies
    • Tutorials (Problems + Team Work on Purchasing Project)
    • Project Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Digitalization
    • Alignment of Purchasing and SCM Strategies with Global Strategy
    • Demand Management
    • Lean, Quality and Continuous Improvement
    • Manufacturing Planning and Control System
    • Inventory Management and Ordering Systems
    • Production Activity and Capacity Control
    • Physical Distribution advanced

    Management & Communication Skills

    • Strategic Management
    • Information Systems for Managers
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology II

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual counseling
    • Meeting with Practitioners (PMI)/conferences

  • Semestre 3

    Professional Mission & Thesis

    • Master’s Thesis
    • Oral Defense
    • Company Assessment


L’alternance est le moyen d’avoir une carrière professionnelle boostée avec un profil valorisé face aux nombreux étudiants d’école de commerce en France. Le réseau et les expériences professionnelles, c’est ce qui fait la différence ! 


Acheteuse junior division achats informatiques en alternance, Air France