Going abroad – Master

The different possibilities open to our students to gain international experience as part of their academic cursus within the Master in Management are as follows:

  • 1st year of the Programme

The first year must be spent in Clermont so that all the students gain a solid foundation for their education.

  • 2nd year of the Programme

During the second year, students may spend their second semester in one of our partner universities abroad.
Please note: Students joining the Master in Management directly in 2nd year may, under certain conditions, spend their second semester abroad if they can prove that they have acquired all the core knowledge in managment that is imparted in the first year and that their linguistic levels are sufficient.

  • Placement Year

Our students may also decide to add a placement year or gap year between the 2nd and 3rd years of study. During this period, they can study for one semester at one of our partner universities abroad and obtain a “Dual-skill” certificate in (humanities, social sciences, political sciences, etc.).
Please note: Students who wish to join the dual degree track during their third and final year, must complete a placement or gap year. This will be made up solely of company work placements or internships.

  • 3rd year of the Programme

Students can spend their final academic year in one of ESC’s 22 partner universities in order to obtain a dual diploma. In this case, a placement year in a company between the 2nd and 3rd years is COMPULSORY. The compulsory end-of-cursus internship will be included in this period.
Please note: At least 50% of the academic years have to be spent at ESC Clermont.


Certain academic and linguistic criteria will be taken into account to select study abroad candidates. Language tests are also mandatory for all study abroad programs (TOEFL, GOETHE, Spanish tests…, depending on the destination and desired programme).

Starting from September 2016, students of the Master in Management Programme will be able to spend the first semester abroad in the third year of the Programme.



I find the Education system in Canada very efficient for various reasons. The courses offered are interesting ranging from Marketing, Communication, Finance, HR and so on. The courses are quite comprehensive with a lot of practice and the subjection to real-life situations.

Both Canadian students and professors are very welcoming and friendly. The campus life is quite active with a lot of facilities and activities to do. It is ideal for studying and enjoying at the same time.

Anaïs Clément – Master in Management, Mexico, 2016


I have always wanted to live an international experience, and thanks to ESC Clermont, I have had the chance to do a semester abroad in the US. It has always been my dream destination and now that dream has finally come true. The campus is very nice and people are extremely friendly and open-minded. It was also a great chance for me to improve my level of English significantly.”

Nawel Sakhraoui – Master in Management, USA, 2016


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