MSc. Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Data is the new oil

and data analysis is now critical for companies wishing to improve their management, accelerate decision-making, and find new business models.

This Master of Science aims to train Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals who need to provide decision support to managers. It enables them to benefit from a transverse consolidated view of data, not only to understand what happened in the past, but also to better anticipate the future, and efficiently collaborate within different business areas and using a wide range of information.

Alternance possible pour les étudiants français.

MSc accrédité par la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Pour qui

  • Fresh graduates or graduates with little experience
  • Professionals with several years of experience

Les points forts

  • Full english taught
  • Answer to the current demand of the digital trend on Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Mix of theory, practice and external conferences from professional references
  • Use of market-leading software through projects in agile method


  • A 4-year Bachelor degree or validated Master 1
  • Proficiency in English (official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or TOEIC of 750, or IELTS 6.0)

More, see « Admission »

  • Semestre 1
    Business Intelligence & Analytics – Basics

    • Introduction to Business Intelligence
    • Organization of Business Intelligence
    • Methodology in Business Intelligence
    • BI Methodology Applied (Group Project)
    • Fundamentals of Business Intelligence
    • Segmentation of Business Intelligence
    • BI Segmentation Applied (Group Project)

    Management & Communication Skills

    • Introduction to Business
    • Mastering Data in Excel (e-learning)
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology (Part I)

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual Counseling
    • Meetings with Practitioners
  • Semestre 2
    ]Business Intelligence & Analytics – Advanced

    • Knowledge Management
    • Advanced Data Modeling
    • Advanced Data Discovery
    • Advanced Data Visualization
    • Advanced Analytics – Qualitative Data
    • Advanced Analytics – Quantitative Data
    • Advanced Analytics Applied (Group Project)
    Management & Communication Skills

    • Strategic Management
    • Information Systems for Managers
    • French Language Classes (or Certification Voltaire)
    • Thesis Methodology (Part II)

    Career Development & Counseling

    • Job Marketing
    • Individual Counseling
    • Meetings with Practitioners
  • Semestre 3

    Professional Mission & Thesis

    • Master’s Thesis
    • Oral Defense
    • Company Assessment


It was wonderful to have been a student of the inaugural Business Intelligence specialisation class at ESC Clermont. The sessions provide excellent treatment of the main topics relevant to the BI world and function as a basis for bridging the gap between information technology and business practitioners. In-class exercises allowed me to connect the theory to real-life.
The project assignment gave me the opportunity to build competence in using an actual BI tool. This is overall a great specialisation which will serve all participants well for the future.

Katharine CADDLE - MSc. BIA

Katharine CADDLE - MSc. BIA
from Barbados

Being in this programme has really exceeded my expectations. The balance struck between theory, practice (with relevant software) and conferences with professionals helps to understand the importance of Business Intelligence to any organization, and has equipped me with the right knowledge and technical skills to function in any setting I find myself. I highly recommend this programme to everyone.



It has a good balance between theory and practice, and it is
very close to business world’s reality, thanks to the teacher, who continuously uses his own experience to teach us.

Tommaso ORSINI

Piloter son business avec une meilleure efficacité

Paoline MENU
Chargée de mission Entrepreneuriat en alternance, Schneider Electric